Top 4 Games in This Week

Osu! Game Play Online

There are dozens of different musical entertainment available online today, but you are going to test a really unique rhythm game. Here everything is focused on music. But the main advantage of this project is the feeling of competition and the huge community you can interact with. If you love music, you should not miss a chance to play OSU!

Rhythm is everything!

Many players want to know what they are supposed to do in OSU. At first glance, it seems that the gameplay is more than simple. However, it is not a rare case that players fail the first attempt and never return to the game again. Be prepared that you need attention, speed and accuracy to successfully cope with tasks. Your main goal is to click on the virtual notes on the screen in time with the music. If you see a slider, you need to do your best to run the ball over it, but when a big spinner appears on the screen, move it as fast as you only can. If you accurately match each note, you get a certain number of points. If you failed, you lose your lives. Watch your progress bar to see how many of them are left. When you enter the project for the first time, you will hear a random song. But you can choose different music from the list of available ones. Moreover, you can even download your favorite songs. Then you can use a built-in music editor to create your own beat. Mainly, you will find popular Japanese tunes and various anime soundtracks. But you can also enjoy English songs and even instrumental music.

Choose your favorite mode

There are several thrilling modes in OSU! And they slightly differ from each other. Let’s discuss the most popular ones. You can activate Catch the Beat mode which will make you catch the rhythm and catch all the fruits on your plate to the tune. Another variant is Taiko. Here, you will need to click on the red or blue circles to simulate a hit on the center or edge of the instrument. You should also try OSU!Mania. In this mode, you will have to click on the notes that move along the conveyor. This modification is more than awesome as there are many more keys here than in all previous versions. You will be delighted to know that OSU! Community counts more than 200 thousand players. And you can interact with them via an online rating and chat. All your successful steps will bring you points. So train well to get an impressive score and leave behind lots of your competitors! You will not be bored in this musical challenge!

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