Beat Line

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Are you ready to check your rhythm skills in this new 3D game? Then get ready to act fast and precisely! You will have to make the music sound correctly by moving the line along the path. But this track comes with lots of sharp turns you must fit in! If you miss to click your mouse at the right moment, the game will be over for you. Only attentiveness will enable you to cope with this task. Will you be able to keep up with the rhythm as you move from one difficult level to another, earn points and collect crystals? Your achievements will unlock new features and soundtracks. Have fun and train your agility!

Ready to risk?

This online entertainment is great for all players, despite of their age. It is just music and fun! You will see a neon line that is going through a big neon screen. It does not go straight but bends and breaks at all possible angles. And you will have to follow its configuration without false turnings! It may seem easy to see how this line makes its way through the screen, but it will be extremely difficult to repeat it. Will you risk to try it and prove you can still do it? Your only goal is to reach the finishing line with a maximum score and move to the next level. Luckily, you are allowed to make several mistakes during the walkthrough.

There are several tracks you can choose from. And you will continuously unlock new songs as you move forward. Test this musical game right now to go through a new thrilling experience – you will definitely enjoy like hundreds of other players. Do not waste any more time – start it right now!

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