FNF Character Test Playground

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The FNF universe is full of fun and music. Many fans love to participate in thrilling rap battles where Boyfriend needs to beat his opponent to save his relationship with lovely Girlfriend. But this time, you are invited to a totally different story. Now you can take on a role of a developer and experiment with your favorite characters. You can customize game backgrounds, personage appearance and even his vocals. The menu is packed with different options and it is entirely up to you how you are going to use and combine them. But one thing is sure – you will have a lot of fun playing with the characters.

Interact with your favorite FNF character!

You know well that this rhythmical game is full of events and various characters. Whenever someone mentions Boyfriend or Girlfriend, you will immediately picture the image of the blue-haired boy and his beloved girl. But these characters can look differently if you join this thrilling Test Playground and use its all features. Are you ready to experiment? Then start with the background of your future scene. And now, it is time to unleash your creativity and modify the appearance of the chosen personage. You can change many things – just look through the menu and do not hesitate to try everything you can find here. It is real fun to try on the role of a character designer!

Make your heroes sing differently!

One of the most exciting possibilities of this new mod is that you can change the vocals of your hero. Again, every FNF fan knows the voices of the famous characters of this rhythmical series. But will you make these the same if you were responsible for this task? Of course, everyone has its own opinion. But let’s try to see what this mod offers you to do with the heroes’ vocals? Here, you can find a whole scale of pitch options. You can try them all.

Some changes will make your character look humorous, while others can completely change his image! The best thing is that you can interact not only with the official FNF characters but also with personages from fan-made mods. It means you will have a lot of work – there are many protagonists and antagonists waiting to sing in a new image! Have fun in this wonderful mod!

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