Music Line 3

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This game is a real finding for active players that love to challenge their speed and agility! You will see a path on the screen in front of you. And you need to draw a blue line, fully repeating the configuration of this path. It will be a real struggle to recreate this curved trajectory. Even a single wrong move will immediately kick you off! If you follow the instructions without fail, you will hear wonderful music. Are you ready to give it a try? If you love music and action, you will definitely adore this thrilling activity as well. And do not forget to collect gems as you move on and unlock new interesting skins!

Are you as fast as you think?

Almost all the players think this game is more than easy! But wait with this conclusion until you try it. We bet that you will change your mind already after the first rounds! You will start with the easiest level – Music Road. Try to make the line on the screen – just repeat the configuration of the shape you see in front of you. But there is one nuance – you will have to do it at a high speed and it is going to be extremely difficult. It is enough to make the slightest wrong move to fail!

However, this activity is a perfect method to develop your attention and agility. Every time, the task becomes more challenging, and only the strongest players will be able to make it through! Your only task is to go through as many rounds as you can and set the highest record. Are you ready for these achievements? So let’s get started! You can play whenever you have a free moment – lots of joy is guaranteed with Music Line 3! Give it a try!

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