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OSU! The project does not need to be advertised – thousands of players are already enjoying it and new ones are joining the community every day. This entertainment is inspired by other rhythmical games. But here, the developers created several mods, so catching rhythm becomes really exciting activity in OSU! This popularity is partially explained by the ability to select different mods and use lots of skins in this game.

Time for you rest

Why skins are so popular? The answer is very simple. They fully restyle the gameplay, making it incredibly thrilling. For example, skins can change sounds, circles, spinners, and even other game modes. Where can you take these add-ons? There are dozens of skins currently available in this musical project. You can find all of them on the forum or official website. You can use several of them at once – there are no restrictions in this game. And what is the most interesting thing – you can even create your own skin to make the gaming process really unique!

Skins what you want

If you would like to use already existing options – it is recommended to pay attention to the skins that other users found the most successful. You will be able to find a lot of top lists to help you with your choice. It is advisable to consider Dokidokiolixx, Yugen, FlyingTuna and even Minecraft. Each of them will partially or fully redesign the appearance of the game, allowing you to enjoy in a refreshed format. It is the best approach to test all of them to experience all their pros and cons by yourself. The good news is that you can change skins whenever you want and always try something new. You will find fresh development literally every day as most of them are fan-made. So there are no restrictions to experiments and new impressions in OSU! And if you are creative enough, do not keep your ideas to yourself – share them with others. Go to the official site of the OSU! community and go through the manual and produce your own skins! Share them with your friends and other players to make them popular. OSU! welcomes everyone to contribute to its gameplay and make it even more enjoyable! Have fun in this rhythmical project!

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