Welcome to the game full of bright colors and music! This exciting entertainment will allow you to enjoy endless songs, as well as enhance your sense of rhythm. We bet you never tried anything like that before. So let’s find out a bit more about this amazing project. As you may have already guessed, the main mission of the player is to catch the music rhythm correctly.

New world of OSU

In OSU, this activity may happen in different ways, depending on what mode you choose for yourself. The most popular modes include Catch The Beat, Taiko and Mania. In the first one, you will need to be quite agile and catch both music rhythm and the fruits. In the second one, you will be hitting the circles, syncing with the music beats. And if you opt for the Mania mode, you will have to click on the floating notes. In all cases, your main goal is to click or move the mouse across the screen to fully match the music. The user chooses a preferred song for himself and follows the animated elements that appear on the screen. If there is a circle in front of it, you just need to click on it. If a slider appears, hold it. And if you see the spinner – move it as fast as you can. If you want to succeed in OSU!, you need to be accurate and attentive.

Best gameplays here

There is a special algorithm that adds up your earned points, using a built-in formula. Depending on how quickly and accurately you clicked into the circle, you may be awarded 50, 100 or even 300 bonuses. If you manage to complete the task without a single mistake, an attractive bonus is added to your score! And if you select a higher level of complexity, you receive some points on top of it! If you are determined to reach the top of the leaderboard, you will not avoid using mods. Each mod in OSU! Comes with a multiplayer that will automatically increase your result. If you play with the slider, the movement of the ball from one point and back us calculated as 30 points. And the spinner can bring you the most attractive prize – here, you can get 1000 points for each successful move. When the song is over, you will see your result and a rating between other players. The ability to interact with other users makes this project especially exciting. The game has already attracted over 200,000 fans, and this number is constantly growing. You can use chat to make new acquaintances here. So if you love music and challenging gameplays, it is the right time to enjoy OSU!

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