Piano Tiles 3

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This is a new chapter of the popular Piano Tiles game. You will have to tap musical notes that fall on the screen. The only problem is that they appear very quickly and one mistake will force you to start everything anew. If you follow the rhythm without issues, you will hear beautiful music. But if you make mistakes, it will immediately stop! In this sequel, you will also find new features added. Now you can enjoy the battle mode in which you can interact with other players. Try to perform better than your opponents – you will win rubies and unlock new songs. Join now to check your musical skills!

What instrument will you choose?

This fabulous entertainment will allow you not only to play music but will also train your agility and the speed of your reaction. You are offered to reproduce various pieces of music. There are classical tunes and modern popular melodies. And it is entirely up to you what instrument to opt for. It can be a piano, a guitar and even a drum. Your task is to flawlessly follow the rhythm of the music and earn points. You can use these accumulated funds to unlock additional game features.

But to get it right and achieve the highest score, you will need to catch every single note of the song, otherwise, you will be immediately kicked off! Demonstrate your best musical skills and win incredible bonuses. Actually, the game will bring a lot of joy even to the players that have no musical education. Here, you will get a perfect chance to master any musical instrument in literally minutes. Have fun in rhythmical entertainment.

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