Rock Music

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Do you love songs and music? Then you definitely enjoy various entertainment devoted to this theme. Here is a new game that will help you kill time with fun and enjoy new melodies. As in other similar plots, you need to show your sense of rhythm by catching all the beats of the music. It only looks simple but actually you will need to use all your skills to succeed here. The notes will change extremely fast and you need not to miss a single one if you do not want to lose. So listen to the track with all your ears and fully sync with the rhythm. Do not get upset – some training will make you a real pro!

How to play?

When the round starts, you will see colored circles that drop down on the screen. You will need to press on these at the moment they touch the circles on the bottom. There are four different colors of the notes, and they will fall randomly but at a very high speed. You should respond with a lightning reaction not to miss even one of these. At first, you will find this task really impossible to complete. But it is too early to give up. You can devote some time to training and very soon, you will enhance your skills considerably.

There are three levels of difficulty in this fun game, but you will not need to rush to the most complicated version before you gain enough gaming experience. This note-catching entertainment is so addictive that you will hardly be able to stop. Come up with a series of new records and impress everyone around. It is more than simple – just train your reaction to work for you! Incredible fun is guaranteed in the Rock Music game!

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