Tom and Jerry Music Maker

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Tom and Jerry are very active characters, and they are in love with music! And in this thrilling game, they will be making their own music together! But they will interact with very specially designed notes. These are represented by fruits, and sometimes, even by such things like cheese or computer! You can use them and arrange in any order you like. Once you complete, you can make them play to see what type of a tune you managed to come up with. Do not stop experimenting by changing their places – every time you will hear new rhythm! Join this entertainment to have fun with Tom and Jerry!

Write your own hit!

You will never know in advance how your new tune will sound. But if you really approach it with enthusiasm, you have all chances to create a hit! You do not need any special skills to come up with a unique melody that no one has heard before. All you need is the desire to experiment non-stop. You have to arrange the note symbols in the most unexpected combinations. Do not be afraid to mix pineapples with computers, or burgers with watermelons. Every time, you will be surprised by a result.

But there are so many thrilling variations that you will never have two identical results. The process is very exciting – you can write as many songs as you only wish. In case, you are not happy with the outcome – do not worry as you can always delete it and create something new. This entertainment will be especially interesting for young players. Join it now to feel yourself a talented songwriter! Who knows, maybe it is your first step to a new hobby or even a career!

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